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All campaigns in this world will follow this same groundwork.


Irah is a world, designed to be low magic. However, magic still exists and it is still powerful, it is only rare.


Since I’m solely running games in this universe for the time being I’ll keep this campaign for setting information

The Age of Ignorance (? to 0)

Before Arcanos, or any of the large nation-states the Age of ignorance is Stone Age technologically.

The Age of Enlightenment (1 to 900)

Magic coming into understanding and the founding of the State of Arcanos defines this era. It is technologically Bronze Age. Eros is at it’s height. The Reckoning ends this era.

  • Titans

The Age of Guilds (900 to 1300)

At the height of Arcanos and Twolakes this age magic flourishes but is self controlled by Arcanos.

The Age of Loss (1300 to 1500)

After the fall of Arcanos technology begins to step in where magic left off. The world is in a magical dark age. Very few have magic, and those that do either have it naturally or learn it from the few survivors. Gunpowder emerges.

The Age of Discovery (1500 to 1750)

People sail west past Alfheim and discover a new land there. It is rich in resources and filled with strange creatures. The technology level is similar to the 17th or 18th on Earth. Magic is still recovering, and at the end of this age gold is discovered to be magic in physical form.

The Age of Gold (1750 to 1900)

With new machines utilizing the magic of gold, a new demand erupts. The new world is found to be rich in gold. Many travel to the land in search of fame and fortune

The Age of Founding (1900 to 1950)

Magical technology and the abundance of gold to power the machines spurs an industrial revolution in almost all human nations. Non-technology based magic gains traction and acceptance in society.

The Age of Magic (1950 to 2050)

Magic is commonplace, and integrated with most human societies. Technology-wise it is close to modern day earth. Many groups devoted to magic arise. The era ends when a magical apocalypse wracks the world. Many die, but many large cities and areas create magi-tech barriers to protect themselves. These domes cover miles of land and house entire cities. The land outside is inhospitable to all but the deadliest of magical beasts and monsters.

The Age of Control (2050 to ?)

Mankind is kept alive in habitable bio-domes. Magic is strictly controlled in many domes. Some are run by governments and others are run by private individuals or businesses.








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